Zero Down Payment

We are the lender!

Foreign Buyers qualify

No credit checks.

You can have good or bad credit.

The only requirement for our loan is for you to pick out a lot and pay the down payment.

Our Loans are 0 Down Payment with No Prepayment Penalty

You Can use a credit card or bank transfer for your payments.


For lots financed , we will do a contract for deed agreement with you. This agreement is for 1/2 of the monthly payments of the loan. We require 1/2 of the monthly payments made before the lot is put in your name. After the 1/2 of the monthly payments are made, the lot will be put in your name. We would then have a first mortgage lien on the lot until the lot is paid in full. Your payments would stay the same.

We accept credit cards (Visa, Master card, American Express) a wire, Western Union, Moneygram or check for the down payment and monthly payments.

We use First International Title for when the lot is put in your name.

Once the lot is put in your name, you will receive title insurance guaranteeing clear title on your new lot.

Only $995.00 for closing costs. We will pay all other fees.

The closing takes place in the mail or through email with a title company located near the land.

We would need to know how you would like to take title on the land. We would need your name, address and contact phone number.

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